6 GPU Nvidia 1070 Mining Rig

    Today I present to you the latest in the rig family, the 6 GPU 1070 mining rig.  As usual, we have a cheap, efficient and portable rig rack.  I’m sure this will interest many people due to the fact that AMD GPU’s are now quite expensive and still hard to find.  People are buying millions of them.  Millions.  When history repeats itself (and it will), I will be buying them off ebay for insanely cheap prices.  Nvidia high end cards, on the other hand, can mine multiple algos much better and will most likely have a better resale value.  Moving on !

In this system we have the following components (or similar, buy what is on sale for decent price/quality) :

    Win10 works well (enable win10 mode in bios, install, then turn off), remember to disable all the nonsense and updates and to create a power profile that doesnt turn your stuff off.  For other software you can get MSI afterburner, EWBF for ZCash, ccminer/excavator by nicehash or other for different algos.

    Building an Nvidia rig is so much simpler and easier.  The overall system is much more stable too.  There is literally nothing else to do.  Your GPU’s should be detected, if you set PCIE to gen1 and above 4g enabled in the bios (if available).  There may be other options depending on your motherboard.  Here are some results for the most profitable algorithms (power usage is for overall system, from the wall with wattmeter) :

  • ZCash (380 to 435 sol/s).  Mem -502, core +135.
    • 65% tdp : 700w
    • 75% tdp: 800w
    • 90% tdp: 950w
  • ETH (27 to 30mhs).  Mem +395, core -150.
    • 65% tdp : 700w
    • 80% tdp : 835w
    • 90% tdp : 920w
  • LBRY (260 to 290mhs).  Mem -502, core +135.
    • 75% tdp: 805w
    • 90% tdp: 910w
  • DGB-Skein (500mhs).  Mem -502, core +135.
    • 65% tdp: 700w
    • 75% tdp : 800w
    • 90% tdp : 940w

    You results may vary depending on core and memory clocks.  It is more efficient to run at a lower TDP.  If you like this review, consider supporting the site by buying through the amazon referral program (all links are referrals), donating or just saying thanks by email/comments.  If you have miner specific questions, it is best to go to the bitcointalk thread and read up on it there, and ask your question there.  Other than that, i’ll be happy to help, happy mining !


  1. I’m lovin your rigs and your posts! I’m currently also building a 6*gtx1070 rig too but with MSI Gaming X cards which have 6+8 pin connectors (not just 8-pin) and I’m confused about connecting the rig.

    I’m confused whether I should:
    1) connect the gpu to riser>riser USB to pcie>connect gpu via sata to psu as the standard way or;
    2) connect gpu to riser and riser to pcie, then connect gpu (6+8 pins) to 8pin on psu?

    In both cases can I use normal risers or powered risers?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Michael and thanks for the comment. Okay, so the GPU to PSU and the usb riser to PSU are different and seperate things. To power your stuff,

      Step 1: Gpu power: Connect the VGA 8 pin cable to the PSU, and the other end (8+6pin) to the GPU. Now all your cables may not have this configuration, I dont advise using adapters. Email the manufacturer to ask if its okay to just use the 8 pin and no 6 pin, or what is the safe way to have an adapter. Now your GPU has power. We havent touched the riser yet.

      Step 2: I advise only to use a USB riser, not the old ribbon types. Connect the usb part (on the motherboard be careful to insert it the correct orientation. You will find the correct orientation by inserting it in a x1 slot, which cannot be inserted the wrong way). Now depending on the model of your usb riser, connect it to the PSU. Molex variety, to molex. Sata to sata and 6 pin to 6 pin. Now you may need adapters – so – Molex – adapter – Sata. and 6 pin – adapter – Sata. Do not connect more than 2 per SATA/molex Cable. So if you have 6 cards, and all molex usb risers it will look like this: 2 GPU connected to the molex string, 2 GPU connected with adapters to one SATA string, 2 GPU connected to a different SATA string. Or if you have more cables, just use them all.

      Hope that clears things up a bit !

      1. Thank you for the detailed clarifications, it really making me understand now! However does this mean I would need on the psu: 3*6 pin for sata(each with 2 cards), 6*8pin+6pin(or 8 pin) for gpu, in addition to 1*24 pin for motherboard, 1*6pin for SSD, and one for CPU.

        I currently have a corsair hx1000i, do you think the ports would be enough or another psu is required?

        Thank you for your help!

        1. Lets see…So yeah you need the 24 pin motherboard, the 4+4 pin CPU that goes on the motherboard too. You have 3 strings of sata and also 3 strings of molex according to hx1000i specs, so no problem them. You also have 8 pcie connectors. Now these are all 6+2pin + 6+2pin (nice psu by the way), so 4 total. Since you need a 6+8 pin per GPU, you can only put 4. There may be work arounds but I won’t suggest them because they may damage your gear. You could always use 2 PSU’s with an add2psu adapter thing. (2nd PSU just for 6+8pin on GPU). Good luck !

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