A guide to lean mining

    Most older crypto enthusiasts dislike any fee based software on moral and economic grounds, but it seems in 2018 that fee based mining is now a whole industry of its own.  Well, for most algorithms there is no need to pay a fee or lose valuable hashing potential when disconnecting and reconnecting to pools.

    For those that mine Ethereum, you really should not be using claymore or any other fee based miner.  Ethminer has been updated and works very well, and has pretty much *the same hashrate* as a fee based miner.  Feel free to compare received shares on your pool.  Get it here !  This applies for Nvidia *AND* AMD GPUs.

    Mineority and Squirrel research labs are also releasing the Acorn, a GPU M.2 accelerator.  It is quite pricey and results have yet to be properly examined by the community.  Same thing goes to the new FPGA’s sold by bittware and Mineority, results have yet to be properly examined by the community.

Happy Mining !