ASICS are specialized hardware that can mine only specific algorithms.  There is a lot of competition in the world of ASIC mining, but not so much in actual ASIC manufacturing.  There are a few guidelines to follow if you are interested in this type of hardware to mine bitcoins or altcoins.

  1.   No pre-orders.  Do not pre-order your hardware.  Time and time again, companies have scammed clients out of their hard earned money with pre-orders.  The idea is to gather money then design and create the hardware.  By the time the buyer gets his ASIC (if at all), the difficulty has risen so much that return on investment is now impossible.  If it seems too good to be true, IT IS.
  2.   Only buy from companies listed here or  that have actual reviews from trusted sources.
  3.   You will usually need your own power supply.  You should consider buying a very efficient one, or one from here.

    For Bitcoin / SHA-256 mining the following ASICS are available to buy:

  • Bitmaintech:
    • ANTMINER S9:  16nm, around 0.10J/Ghs, 11 to 13.5 Th/s
    • ANTMINER R4:  Silent home miner.  More expensive.  8.6 Th/s
    • ANTMINER T9:  0.126J/GHS, 11.5 Th/s
  • Avalon A7:  6 Th/s @ 900 watts

    For Altcoins there are:

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