Building a 6 GPU mining rig

We have now finished our cheap and easy PVC 6 GPU mining rig.  This is something anyone can do and it is relatively easy to accomplish.  Perfect for a small garage or basement / room heater.  It is quiet and “portable”.  Although not as nice to look at compared to those sleek aluminum designs, this is significantly cheaper and easier to do.  Total cost for the PVC rig is under 30$.  Ours has 4 Rx470s, 2 Rx480s on a Biostar TB85, 8gb of ram, a 120gb ssd and with a 1000w EVGA GQ PSU.  Total hashrate for ETH is 165mhs for 900w.  With further tweaking it is possible to bring the power draw a bit lower, maybe by 30-50w max.  Mining ZEC is about 100w less, and monero consumes about 700w for 4150 h/s.  Zec mining results in 1275mhs, but with Optiminer you can expect close to 1500mhs.  This rig at current difficulty and price gives us 0.0075 btc per day or 6.75$USD.

Total ROI for this rig is just under 7 months, including all accessories, risers, PVC and hardware, if you assume price and difficulty being equal.  We hope you enjoyed the review and if you want to build your own, you basically need 8×90 degree 1/2 inch PVC fittings, 4 “T’s” and about 2 lengths of 10 feet, all 1/2 inch.  You can make it as wide or long as you want depending on how much space you have.  Don’t try to drill into the PVC to place your GPU’s, its easily and faster to just tie them up with some speaker or thin electrical wire.  As Red Green from the Red Green Show would say, If women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.  Feel free to use duct tape on the rig.

***Edit:  After finding time to play with the clocks, we get a stable 176mhs for virtually the same power draw, memory clocks are about 2050 on average for cards.  If you do up your memory clocks, beware incorrect shares and always change clocks when your software is off.  Dont forget to reboot.  Good luck !  So far this build is rock solid and very quiet. Zec and Monero hashrate is also up around 10%.***