All you need to know about USB Risers

    USB Risers can confuse people sometimes.  So here is a quick review of what you can buy and how they will help you with your GPU mining.  You shouldn’t buy anything below v.5, although that doesn’t mean they won’t work – It just means you aren’t getting the latest products.  For Molex connections, you should buy Ver.5c.  Then we have Ver.6c, which enables you to connect a 6 pin connector.  And finally, the Ver7.s enables you to connect a SATA wire directly into the riser, without the use of the sketchy molex/SATA adapter.   Remember never to overload your cables – You won’t have this problem with the 6 pin usually, but for SATA its better to have just one or two max on a single cable, and same for Molex.  In case of doubt, use less, and always check cables for heat while running.  If they are hot to the touch, then your setup needs to change.  Below are some sponsored links to each version that you can buy on Amazon.

Latest version of Claymore’s ETH miner is now v7.4


    Claymore’s Dual Ethereum+Decred AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner has been updated recently to v7.4.  The most important update is the ability to see the miner console in a web browser, which can quite useful for seeing what’s going if you’re not on site.  There are quite a few options available to use, so be sure to check out the bitcointalk forum thread here !  You may find it more profitable to dual mine again due to ZCash’s drop in profitability, although so far its pretty much the same on average so far.  You can mine with AMD or Nvidia, and dual mine Decred (DCR), Siacoin (SIA) or LBRY.  Happy mining !

    Bonus Bob Ross painting happy little trees !