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Fall GPU Mining update !

In this fall update we will briefly discuss the state of mining and what is in store for the future.

Pushback against ASICS – Many algorithms cannot support the large amount of ASICS thrown upon the network.  Even the ZCash ASICS may find themselves without a real coin to mine in 2019 as the overall mining community reiterates the importance of decentralization.  Although much can be argued about Satoshi’s idea of decentralization, ASICs have shown to be a point of possible failure in network robustness due to the limited availability, manufacturers and lack adaptability.  This is apparent in the SIA network and other smaller ones.  It is of this writers opinion that most ASICS produced in 2018 will find a door to stop in 2019/2020.  Bitcoin SHA-256 ASICS are of a different breed, now having many different high quality sellers.  The ASIC pushback may even reach Bitcoin but do not expect change.

FPGA mining is being rolled out in numbers.  Mineority / SQRL have been shipping BCU1525s and more powerful FPGAs are on the way.  The biggest hurdle is that the boards need custom cooling and are quite expensive.  The ROI on these are about 1.5 years – and with a limited availability of private bitstreams – expect the ROI to worsen.  Since a lot of algorithms cannot support many FPGAs, bitstreams (can be compared to mining software) are kept private and to limited amounts of people, often with heavy fees.  The bitstream dev has little incentive to release a fee based miner due to the limited amount of FPGAs out there so far.  They are still good products but they come with their own challenges.  High power cost miners should be the ones most interested.

GPU accelerators.  ACORNS from SQRL are shipping soon and will speed up and lower power consumption for many algorithms.  The idea is to take part of the algorithm’s calculation off the GPU/CPU combo and process it in the Acorn’s FPGA chip.  Its a little more complicated, but essentially for Ethereum, the Keccak part can use up to 1/5 or 1/6 of the work-time done by the GPU.  By using an Acorn it speeds up the process accordingly and saves power too per hash.

PROGPOW.  Expect Ethereum to change mining algorithm in 2019.  Major contender is ProgPow, simply put it reduces the advantage of ASICS over GPU on Ethereum’s algorithm.  Currently active on BCI coin and more to come.

GPUs are now sold at MSRP and used gear is very cheap.  PSUs are also back to normal pricing as are all mining frames and accessories.  With winter upon us, there is no better time to build a few rigs to heat the house.

Latest mining software updates include T-rex 0.7.2, Enemy 1.22 for X16r, x22i (SUQA), and the XMR miners have all updated to V8.

A guide to lean mining

    Most older crypto enthusiasts dislike any fee based software on moral and economic grounds, but it seems in 2018 that fee based mining is now a whole industry of its own.  Well, for most algorithms there is no need to pay a fee or lose valuable hashing potential when disconnecting and reconnecting to pools.

    For those that mine Ethereum, you really should not be using claymore or any other fee based miner.  Ethminer has been updated and works very well, and has pretty much *the same hashrate* as a fee based miner.  Feel free to compare received shares on your pool.  Get it here !  This applies for Nvidia *AND* AMD GPUs.

    Mineority and Squirrel research labs are also releasing the Acorn, a GPU M.2 accelerator.  It is quite pricey and results have yet to be properly examined by the community.  Same thing goes to the new FPGA’s sold by bittware and Mineority, results have yet to be properly examined by the community.

Happy Mining !

Mining news and software updates SUMMER 2018 edition

May your temps be low and your hashrates high !

Welcome to the Summer edition of Cryptominingtalk’s GPU mining news !  GPU Mining continues to be less profitable due to the “low” bitcoin price and the ever increasing difficulties.  On a positive note, many new coins have gained traction and opportunities for profit still exist.

  •  The ASIC situation continues to get crowded.  Bitmain has a variety on offer, almost all in stock.  They sell the Z9, S9, E3, X3, L3++, A3 and D3.  Innosilicon has a Zcash miner also.  On top of that Baikal also sells the N70 (cryptonight), BK-B, BK-X, and an all new dual miner for blake256r*/lbry.  Halong Mining also sells ASICS as do others.
  • GPU prices are about to drop significantly.  With the drop in profitability, new orders have been almost non-existent.  Expect delays for the new generation, as Nvidia tries to offload a glut of GPUs.
  • Cryptodredge : Fast Lyra2v2 and lyra2z miner.  84mhs/3.8mhs 1080ti.  Coolminer is a bit slower but uses way less electricity.
  • Bminer :  Will have support soon for the new equihash fork 144,5.  Now has Bytom support with 1300hs / 1080ti.
  • Z-Enemy V11v4 : Fast x16r/s miner.
  • Luxcoin PHI2 launches *again* with a new algo.  CCminer by tpruvot.

Keep in mind that mining is still very profitable.  Mining should be done with the least running costs possible.

And FPGA mining is alive and well.  Now it is being sold to consumers in more user friendly packages.  A group buy is here.  Most people are looking at the VCU1525 with 16GB of RAM.  Almost all algos are affected, even Ravencoin, so far.

Mining news and software updates SPRING 2018 edition

    Hi to all the great crypto mining recession survivors !  Here are some long awaited updates on mining software and related news that may be important to you.  Now is a perfect time to tweak your mining rigs and have them run 100% to be ready for the next great Bitcoin bull run.

    The current state of affairs is as follows :  Profitability down across the board.  New ASICS are shipping as we speak for various algorithms, destroying GPU profitability.  Time to adapt.

    Monero has forked to an ASIC resistant variation of itself, for the time being at least.  This is cryptonight v7.  Other similar coins, like SumoCoin have forked to different variations, such as cryptonight-heavy.  To mine the new algo I would suggest simply using the latest CastXMR/Xmr-Stak, Claymore’s miner or GatelessGateSharp.

    RavenCoin and other X16r/x16s coin are very popular and are traded on de-centralized exchanges, such as crypto-bridge.  To mine these you need Avermore miner for AMD and EnemyMiner/Nevermore for Nvidia.  Enemy Miner 1.08v also mines other crypto such as Bitcore.

    Those still mining Ethereum can also use Phoenix Miner, a fast, low-fee alternative to Claymore.  For Nvidia GDDR5x memory, you get can get a nice little program that modifies your memory timings by OhGodACompany.  Gets you 50-55mhs for a 1080ti.

    Finally, GatelessGateSharp is really coming along.  Did you know you could put a stock AMD GPU, and change its memory timings without flashing your BIOS ?  Introducing a whole new level of customization, multi-algo and multi-pool support, all for a very low fee and great support.  It is not bug free yet, but I highly suggest you keep an eye on this project, which we have talked about in the past.  Also, some of these miners are closed-source, and thus always install miners on safe machines, not ones where your crypto can be compromised.

Happy mining !

Antminer E3 is on sale !

Featuring 180mhs for 800w, its stats are similar to a 6 GPU rig.  Of course the main difference is the price – 800$USD.  Since it ships mid-July at earliest profitability is again not a certain thing.  GPU miners are already proposing ASIC resistant changes to the ETH ecosystem and other similar coins.  Buy it on the Bitmain site directly if you must.

DragonMint T1 miner update

    DragonMint is taking pre-orders for their miners shipping between the end of March and May.  They will have three miners – Blake2b (SIA), Blake256 (Decred) and SHA256 for Bitcoin.  The most interesting miner is the T1.

    The T1 features a whopping 16Ths for 1600w, which means it is the most efficient miner that is publicly available to buy.  It has overt ASICBOOST capabilities (you need to mine on a pool that supports the feature).  In contrast, Bitmain miners reportedly have covert ASICBOOST.  In the next few months we can expect Bitmain to also come out with an updated miner with a much better efficiency and hashrate.

    It seems all of those who bought S9s for recent farm builds are going to be feeling the pain of lower prices and higher difficulty for the foreseeable future.  The profit bump since the Bitcoin Cash fork is coming to an end.