Latest GPU Rig Build

We’d like to thank our friends, Initech Solutions inc. over @ who have shared this build with us.  You can order Pre-Assembled and configured Rigs for crypto mining at a reasonable price.  We of course suggest to make your own, but those are solid rigs.

This rig hashes around 170-175mhs on Ethereum, using 800w.  It can be configured to use less power but it has to be tested for stability over a few days.  Parts include an EVGA 1000GQ, 6x Armor 4G RX570/580 GPUs, a high quality rig frame, which is stack-able, 8G of ram (really needs only 4), 32gb usb 3.0 flash drive and a Biostar TB250-BTC motherboard paired with a G3900/30 LGA 1151 CPU.

Just wanted to share what a clean build looks like compared to home made rigs.  Also available in up to 12 GPU configurations 🙂

Updates and Mining News !

Updates !

News !

    There has been a lot of new coins lately.  The most profitable to mine so far are Bitcoin Gold, ETN, BTX, – or – if you don’t feel like switching all your rigs, consider going to nicehash, zpool, yiimp, miningpoolhub or another multicoin pool that switches automatically.  Although be aware fees may be higher.

    Plus the new 1070ti is out, and performance is up to expectations.  Happy mining.

New Claymore ZCash miner update

Get it here !  Now at V12.6 with VEGA support.


– added Vega cards support (ASM mode).
– added ASM mode for RX460/560 cards (+20% speed).
– new GPU sorting method for AMD cards. Now GPUs are sorted by physical bus index (it matches AfterBurner list of GPUs). Also the list of temperatures/fans matches the list of GPUs automatically.
Therefore “-di detect” and “-gmap” options are not necessary and not supported anymore.
WARNING: be careful if you use use separate overclock/temperature settings for every card, due to new sorting method GPUs can get different indexes!
– added fan/OC support for 17.7.2 (and higher) drivers.
– improved support for systems with more than 10 GPUs, check readme for “-di” option description for details.
– added pool selection in runtime (“e” key).
– a few minor improvements.

Excavator v1.2.5 Alpha

    Nicehash has released a new alpha version of Excavator, and it is much improved.  You can mine ETH at pretty much the same speeds as Claymore, and other algos are optimized as well.  For example it seems to be the fastest miner for LBRY on Nvidia.  It is tricky to get started for new users though, so read the documentation carefully and use the provided .bat file.  You only need to modify the .json file with your pool and information.  Download it here, and read up on the bitcointalk thread here !

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