DeepOnion and airdrops

    We don’t usually talk about specific coins (we never do actually), unless there is mining software or hardware news related to it.  But after getting questions and emails, I’d like to talk about things new people can do to get started in cryptocurrency, other than mining.  In fact, airdrops are a great way to make a little money, which you can use to upgrade your mining operations.

    DeepOnion is one of such airdrops, where you can find on the bitcointalk forum, announcements section.  Usually, all you need to do is download the wallet of the coin, and then sign up for the airdrop.  Be careful and always install the wallet a separate machine, in case there is malware associated with it.  Always read other users reviews too.  Sometimes the DEVs ask you to promote their coin through various means, such as reddit or twitter.  In any case you will get free coins which may have some value later.  There are also coins like Lumens, Byteball, Bitcoin Cash, who have airdrops based on your bitcoin balance at a specific time.  You simply sign a private message from your wallet (easy to do with electrum) proving you own the bitcoin address, and they send you the free airdrop coins.

    DeepOnion is the most popular airdrop right now on Bitcointalk, but it requires the users to promote the coin through a signature campaign (that is like an ad you place in your signature on bitcointalk).  There are strict requirements to weed off spam and spammers, but if you qualify, go sign up !  There are 40 weeks total of airdrops and this is by far the most valuable airdrop to be in.  Check out new coins here, and check out DeepOnion Airdrop here.  Good luck getting your free coins and happy mining.


  1. Well i was going to buy this coin actually. But then i saw they are giving 1000s away to each Person who helps promote them. I mean… Why should I buy it at $4 when others get it free?

    Also not really a huge fan of all the praise posts with them in the SIG. I do think its a good marketing method. Just for me as an investor it leaves a bad taste. Also these cheapskates who will sell their forum soul for coins probably will need money quick from wasting all their time in forums and sell. Which then lowers the coins price.

    But yeah. Still an interesting coin and well done launch.

    1. Hey Joe, that is very constructive criticism. That the price is 4$ is because of very limited supply on the market, since people will hodl it since if you spend it – you are out of the airdrop. That supply will increase each week. Its actually more a signature campaign than an airdrop. Agreed on selling their forum souls…now they will sell their twitter and facebook souls with those campaigns opening. Try signing up for other coins, like bitsend (BSD i think), which are real airdrops. You can get a few bucks a week, which you can use to speculate in the market.

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