DragonMint T1 miner update

    DragonMint is taking pre-orders for their miners shipping between the end of March and May.  They will have three miners – Blake2b (SIA), Blake256 (Decred) and SHA256 for Bitcoin.  The most interesting miner is the T1.

    The T1 features a whopping 16Ths for 1600w, which means it is the most efficient miner that is publicly available to buy.  It has overt ASICBOOST capabilities (you need to mine on a pool that supports the feature).  In contrast, Bitmain miners reportedly have covert ASICBOOST.  In the next few months we can expect Bitmain to also come out with an updated miner with a much better efficiency and hashrate.

    It seems all of those who bought S9s for recent farm builds are going to be feeling the pain of lower prices and higher difficulty for the foreseeable future.  The profit bump since the Bitcoin Cash fork is coming to an end.