Escrow Service

    We offer a safe, easy to use and reliable escrow service.  The advantage of bitcoin and altcoins is that transactions are irreversible.  No Paypal or credit card chargebacks, and with a trusted escrow, no more scams.  We help people make trusted transactions for any type of product (legal) either physical or digital.  We can offer escrow services in almost any crypto currency.  In short, we are a third party and make sure both the buyer and seller are satisfied with the transaction.

    The process is simple.  Once the buyer and seller have agreed to do a trade, the buyer contacts us (usually) at and we set it up.

  1. We verify with each party the terms of the transaction.
  2. Buyer sends the funds to the escrow account.
  3. We confirm with the buyer that funds have been sent.
  4. Buyer sends goods/service.
  5. Seller receives goods and confirms he is satisfied.
  6. We send funds to Seller.

If for any reason there is a problem with the transaction, we will mediate the dispute.  We do require all parties to keep documentation and receipts (mailing receipt, etc).  If sent by mail, we require the seller to purchase tracking.  All transactions are processed manually.

We charge a 0.75% fee with a minimum of 1$ fee.

If you have an account on bitcointalk forum, you can check out a list of trusted escrows here !


    1. Hi Alex ! Yeah but with bitcoin fees so high I rarely accept unless its for amounts that are worth it for the buyer/seller. it does add two transactions.

    1. Hi Andrew ! Yes, in fact bitcoin fees are so high right now that alternatives for transactions are sometimes better. I would also suggest to see the “trusted escrow” thread on bitcointalk, where you can see some users that have done escrow in the past (and peer reviews) and how much they charge for their service.

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