Ethereum Miners


        ***Update:  Use Nicehash excavator or Claymore dual miner/Phoenix/ETHminer.


    To mine Ethereum, you must have a minimum of 2.5gb of vram on your GPU.  The new generations of cards for AMD (Rx470/480) are very power efficient and we recommend them for ETH mining.  NVIDIA is very power efficient too, but has a higher initial cost.  In any case, we recommend these miners.

  • Genoil Eth miner.  Genoil is a very generous person, and if you use his miners please donate either bitcoin or gpu power to him.  Without people like Genoil the crypto community is nothing.  Please see his thread here.  Free.  (not recommended)
  • Claymore Dual ETH Miner.  This miner is not free, and has a 2% fee if you dual mine, 1% for ETH only mining.  The fee is automatic (the pool switches to the fee pool once an hour).  You can dual mine Decred (DCR), SIA or LBRY.  In general you may get 10% more profit but this is highly variable and depends on the value of the dual coin.  See here.  Current version is 7.4 (recommended)
  • For more advanced users, there is also sgminer with updated ethash kernels.



  1. Unfortunately the nerds have over complicated ‘miners’ now.
    Nicehash basically got it, you just need some basic info such as wallet, worker name and benchmark and your in business. Anything more complex you can adjust the config files if you want to nerd it out.
    I think that simplicity is lost now, with too many pools to choose from and too many miners offering not many feature at all unless you have the time to get a degree in Comsci.

    Bring back simplicity dudes!

    1. Hi rob, I suggest you look at Gateless Gate Sharp project by zawawa that can be found on bitcointalk forum 🙂

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