Flashing BIOS

    ***For RX570 RX580 models you must use a new PolarisBiosEditor version – See Here and Here for SRBPolaris V2.6.  You also need to install AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher, found here.  You need this to bypass the bios signature check on the new drivers.***

    Flashing your GPU’s bios is a quick and effective way to increase your hashrate and at the same time reduce your power consumption.  This can be a risky procedure, and you can damage your cards (bricked gpu) if not done properly.  We take no responsibility for your use of this information.  At your own risk !  Keep in mind this will probably void your warranty, and if you RMA be sure to put the original bios in place.  Always backup the original bios.

    For the last generation of AMD cards, please see info from here for Hawaii chips, and Tonga chips.  For Rx470/480 generation see here.  The best resources and forum on this subject is without a doubt the overclockers.net website.  So a big thanks to them !

    If you have a bios switch, place it to the second position, usually towards the ports on the back of the card.  This is a basic guide, see the above links to actually understand what you are doing.  We cannot stress this enough.  You can only edit your bios with Polaris Bios Editor if its Hynix or Samsung memory.

  1.   Close all applications using the GPU, MSI afterburner, etc.
  2.   Open AtiWinFlash (found here) as administrator.
  3.   Save a backup of the bios.
  4.   Create a copy of that bios, and open Polaris bios editor as administrator.  Download Here.
  5.   Here you can change voltages, memory clocks, core clocks and timings.  You can adjust those with MSI afterburner after, except for the memory timings.  Take the “straps” of 1500 and copy paste them to all the above straps (up to 2000 inclusively) – or even better – use the one step timings button on the latest PolarisBiosEditor.  Save bios.
  6. With AtiWinFlash, open the new bios and install it.  This can take a minute.  It is preferable to use the command line interface, the GUI works also – its just a bit more risky to use.
  7. Reboot.
  8. If you run into a driver problem, you may need to reinstall your video drivers (this may always be a good idea).  Run DDU in safe mode, this is the best way to reinstall drivers.

    Some experienced miners have uploaded their own bios for everyone to use.  If you use them please donate a little to show your appreciation.  Always give back to the community when you take.  A word of caution using other people’s bios.  Make sure you have the exact model the bios is made for, with the same memory type: hynix, elpida or samsung.

    If your card is unstable, try copying only the straps for 1625 and over, or 1750 and over (especially if you have samsung memory.  Start with the 1750.  Don’t forget to set memory at 2000 for example in MSI afterburner, then reboot the rig.  You should see good results after.  Check your HW errors/incorrect shares – if you have some – reduce memory clock.

    To find your specific bios search for it.  Or browse forum posts like this one.  For a 480 reference, Boysie has a good mod.  Do not flash a reference bios on an aftermarket card, this will not end well.  For those with 470 Sapphire Nitro 4g and Elpida memory, and those with the 4gb 480 Elpida Sapphire Nitro, follow the links.  You can also check out Anoraks VBIOS Collection here.

    For those with older cards this method will not work.  But adaseb user on Bitcointalk has posted a very good guide to changing your bios on 7950/7970/280x/290/290x cards.  Read about it here.

    See updated AMD drivers for blockchain computer here !


  1. Hi, i tried bios mod the rx 580 and had set the values in polaris editor for 1:1750 and 1:2000 same and did try flashing. The computer got stuck in ATI win which said flashing is in progress for about 1 hour. I restarted the pc and now it is not detecting the graphics card. Please help.

    1. Hi Dhiraj, looks like you bricked your card but fear not there are solutions. You need to reboot with either another GPU or integrated graphics. Once in windows, re-flash the original bios on the gpu that is not being detected. It is always better to use the command line, atiflash. Or if you have a bios switch, just switch it and use the other bios. If for some reason nothing works, http://www.overclock.net/t/593427/how-to-unbrick-your-bricked-graphics-card-fix-a-failed-bios-flash/230#post_25463481

      1. contact me at exmoex on gmail, i can help you with all, i had these problems too 😉

        1. I’m a real noob here.
          I have 2*RX560(MICRON) and a RX 570. How do I mod the BIOS for these?

          1. Hi ! I suggest reading the “flash bios” section, and even better, there are many youtube videos (like this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKM60VVIfRg) that actually show you step by step what to do. Remember to make a backup of your bios before starting with atiflash (use the links in the flash bios section) Good luck !

  2. hi there! i have a question! i just updated my bios with an RX 570 8gb and the hashrate it is just a little better.. with sapphire trixx i can just modify the fan and the voltage… but i can not change memory clocks, core clocks (the values are same as in my bios).. how can improve my hashrate? right now im on 24.9, before bios update i was just on 23.5
    im thinking modify the GPU and MEMORY values.. specially the last one.. in my case:
    GPU is at 1244, MEMORY at 1750
    thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Luis, first off, you can try MSI afterburner it may be better than trixx. Second I suggest you re-flash your original bios, then just copy paste memory timings (it depends on your memory type, but usually 1750 works well on all memory) to 2000mhz. Then tweak voltage, memory and core clock in MSI afterburner. Once you find good values, you can put those inputs in a bios if you want but you dont have to. You can try running your GPU at 1150mhz core and 1900 memory to start, with voltage 0.90v. it should work, then try 1950mhz, 2000mhz for memory. voltage try going down 0.89, 0.88, etc. if it freezes right away, then memory clock is too high. if it freezes after some time, then voltage is too low. You should get 27-29 with this. If you dont and have other memory than samsung (check gpuz), you can try flashing the bios with 1500 straps copy pasted all the way to 2000mhz. good luck !

  3. HI Sir

    I want to restore Gigabytes RX470 BIOS, I tired use (gigabytes)VGA Tools — @BIOS, but it is not working.

    I bought RX470 by second hand marketing. ( i don’t have any backup BIOS)

    Now I update new AMD Drivers , it will be black screen ….

    1. Hi Jerry, im not sure I fully understand but if the bios is modified, you need to run the ati patcher tool (listed in flashing bios) for the gpu to work. If you really need a stock bios, I suggest to email gigabyte with the serial numbers, or check out here: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/ but be sure the memory type is correct, etc. You should flash with command line atiflash, it is better. Also use that to save the BIOS. Good luck ! P.S. If you have black screen on loading, that may be due to enable 4g encoding in your motherboard bios settings.

  4. HI Sir
    I Just Bought a Msi Itx aero rx560 4GB DDR5
    Running ETH Only 11.xx With 2000Mhz!!

    How Will Like That ?
    Please Help Me!

    1. I try To Modified The BIos But always fail ..
      and i can’t search any flash file for this model GPU

  5. hi, i have rx 580 8gb sapphire graphic card with micron memeory , after bios mod its constantly restating the pc. what should i do , how to identify the memory type when we buy it online weather it is hynix memory or samsung or micron,

    1. Hi aravind ! Micron memory works fine, but it can be tricky. So reboot with the integrated graphics on the motherboard, or with another GPU, or if your GPU has a bios switch, switch it and reboot. Then switch it back again once in windows. Use Polaris Bios editor 1.6.3 (https://github.com/jaschaknack/PolarisBiosEditor) and try to use the one click timings patch. If it still doesnt work, try just copying the 1625 or 1750 strap over to 2000. Do this at a normal voltage, then once you get the memory speed going, lower your core voltage/clocks for efficiency. Good Luck !

  6. two rx 580 devils running about 19 mh/s each out of the box, i hear of people getting atleast 25 or so. i have a tb85 MOBO. running latest software with my gpus i dont understand why the hash rate is so low out of the box.

    1. Hi Connor, You have to bios mod your GPU, and increase the memory clock. You should get much more than 19.

    2. On the AMD settings go to gaming, than global settings, and on all the AMD cards turn on Compute mode , and you will get higher rate

        1. Hi Miguel, Compute mode is only on the latest drivers, if you have the blockchain drivers there is no need to activate anything.

    1. Hi monoroto, good question, you can flash your bios using ubuntu or atiflash in windows 7/10. I do not think its possible with just ethos though

  7. Hi,
    Bought HIS RX 580 IceQ X² OC 8GB, Please let us know how can i flash its bios using above method.

    1. Hi Louise, The process is the same for any model of RX AMD GPUs. You may want to search for updated versions of what I have put on this site, but the tools are the same.

  8. Hi,
    I have 6 Graphic Card, Sapphire RX 570 Pulse (OC edition)
    2 cards are providing me 28 MH/s for but rest of 4 Cards are giving 22 MH/S only,
    is it possible that I take BIOS backup of card which provide me 28 MH/S and restore in that which give 22 MH/S ?
    all cards have Elpida Memory

    1. Hi Tarun ! Nice GPU, those are very good for mining. You should be able to use the same bios for all cards. You should also have a original backup of the bios. Modify the bios in polaris bios editor 1.6.3, use the one click timings patch, and flash that to all your cards. Should be 28-29mhs. So if you have a good bios, you can flash that to your 22mhs cards.

  9. Hi,

    I have 6 Sapphire Nitro + RX580 8GB cards in a rig. I am noticing the same issue as Tarun: 1 card is hashing stock at 24 mh/s and the remaining 5 are around 18 mh/s. If I overclock them to 2200 mhz the faster one gets closet to 29 or 30 mh/s and the remaining 5 are stuck at 22. I have modified the bios as recommended for Samsung memory and it has been flashed on all cards.

    So I am wondering if perhaps compute mode under Gaming of the Radeon drivers is only setting it for 1 of the cards? The software claims all of them are set but obviously something is going wrong. I feel like taking the cards out of the rig and testing them one by one in a computer.

    I always try to give AMD a chance but I am now reminded why Nvidia is better. I am gettin 32.5 mh/s @90 watts with another 1070 ti rig. Memory overclocked 750 mhz

    1. Hi Quad, yes NVIDIA is less of a hassle to be honest. You should look into nemosminer/other multiminer and ahashpool/hashrefinery or similar pools to do other algorithms than Ethereum, which may be more profitable. For the AMD rig, you can always use DDU and reinstall the beta blockchain drivers. Try to use OverdriveNtOOL or msi afterburner to set the clocks too. Sometimes you need to reboot for the memory clock to take effect.. Good luck though, mining rigs with bios editing is always fun but lots of work to get it right.

    2. I have to exact graphic cards RX 580 and only the first seems to do the compute setting but other not i swapped them and onky the first gpu seems to be in compute mode 🙁
      Bad there is only on tab for multiple cards if they are the same. My third card is a 290x and 4th a vega they do have an own global setting tab.
      Is there a way to force gpu into compute mode?

      1. Hi WoundedKnee, a quick google search shows a lot of people having the same problem. You can check out their solutions, or just install the blockchain beta drivers. But you have a mix of GPUs, good luck !

    1. You can mod the bios memory timings yourself, although a 550 2G is not a good GPU to mine with unfortunately. I cannot offer any assistance for those GPUs, I have no experience with them.

    2. I think you found this by now but incase you didnt..try xmrstak.com …search for the 550 abd download the miner…mod your bios with polaris oneclick timing patch bios editor..i get 440-450 hashes on cryptonight algo with one rx550 2gb D5…5 of them run the same speed as a vega 🙂

  10. Hello,
    I have 7 x XFX RX 580 GTS 8GB (Samsung Mem).
    After I flashed the modified ROM, one of the card shows 0Mh/s or it shows 30.691Mh/s for 10 seconds and the falls down to 0Mh/s.
    On another card it is working as it should. It went up from 29Mh/z to 30.691Mh/z.
    The ROM was upgraded from the board which is acting up.
    I am using the latest Adrenaline drivers.
    No changes on other values (voltage, freq, etc.)

    1. Hi Razvan ! These problems can be many things. I’d say try another USB riser with that GPU, maybe it is defective. Maybe reduce the overclock – check hwinfo for memory errors – maybe that particular card is bad and produces a lot of errors / and or / increase voltage a bit. Good luck !

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        I have flashed it back with the OEM ROM.
        Mining PIRL with Claymore gets around 29.5Mh/s.
        Mining ETH with Claymore gets around 20.5Mh/s.
        Thank you again!

  11. Hi, have you heard anything about moding bios for rx 550 4gb? I’m currently running a 6 gpu rig with them.

  12. hello, do you know if there is a Bios mod for the Radeon Pro series – WX 5100 cards ?

    1. Hi John, im sorry I do not. Those GPUs get really hot really fast though – they have terrible cooling apparently. Good luck !

  13. I was able to complete all the steps for an RX580, but I forgot to disable secureboot. After the new GPU bios was installed it performed a reboot and now I get nothing on my monitor and can’t even get into the BIOS to make changes since there is not monitor although the computer and fans all seem to be working. I thought I could put in a different graphics card, but that does the same thing in turning on but no signal to the monitor. Any help is appreciated.

    1. ehhh you could always remove/replace your CMOS battery on the motherboard to reset everything. Or try plugging your monitor to the motherboard directly

  14. Can I use this to mod my bios in Rx 560 2GB?
    I never found bios mod tutorial for 2 GB version.

    1. Hi Pae, Sorry we have no bios tutorials for the 560 2GB. See overclock forums for help/tools. PBE should work.

  15. Hi I have RX570 and I did BIOS MOD on this card and now it is not able to detect. What the steps to load the old BIOS.

    Please help


    1. Hi TJ !
      Usually with the latest PBE version you should not have problems, but they happen. Did you run the pixel patch ? if not the gpu will appear with a error 43. If you cannot see the GPU at all, then you must boot with either – integrated graphics, or another GPU. Then flash the original bios on the defective card. ( i hope you saved it, if not then you can check on techpowerup for bios, but make sure to get the one specific to your GPU memory type). But before any of this, run DDU, reboot, install blockchain drivers or latest ones, run ati pixel patcher, reboot. Should work. If not, try it on another pcie slot, etc. It sucks when things like this happen, but good luck. Last resort there is a way to reset the card by shorting pins, but ive never had to that on my gpus. Or RMA. but dont mention mining 🙁

      1. I have the old BIOS and all the tools. Its just don’t know what do now. Can you please able to guide me in steps? I try to google it but no luck.

        I Really appreciated

        1. Well, start the system with another GPU, iGPU. run atiflash, check to see if it detects the card. If it doesnt, then try it in other pcie slots. another computer. if not, then you need to short some pins or RMA unfortunately. For the pins I can`t really help you, but you should find info on google.

  16. Hey i know this its been a few months since last comment here but, i have a rx 570 8gb sapphire and 4 rx 560 4gb cards all are bios modded and working but the rx 570 ive modded it on my gaming computer after i got a different computer to mine with and moved it to that but only the rx 560’s are working and i can’t get windows to recognise the gpu even tho it’ll light up and fans work and ill be able to use windows and mine but only with the other 4 cards i’ve moved it back to the gaming rig and it’s working fine im typing this out to you with it now….
    i’ve tried alot of different options bios and moved it’s pcie slot. different drivers as well as booting only that card it’ll activate IGPU instead and it’ll never display it in the device manager but as soon as i put it back in my gaming rig it works fine….
    any questions for me please ask ill reply i’ve come to a dead end for trial and error options and im not sure if maybe i forgot something or didnt think about it

    1. Hi ! Seems your card is possessed 🙂 Well use DDU in safe mode, shut down, switch up the pcie ports, install GPU and restart, reinstall drivers all in that particular order. Also check your power connections, and switch those with another GPU. Worst case scenario, just mine on the gaming computer as well 🙂 Good luck !

  17. Hi admin/guys!

    Would really appreciate your help/input here.
    Below are my gpu spec;

    Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB OC
    Serial Number: A174900023777
    SKU# 11265-05
    PN 299-1E387-000SA

    I have been searching high and low for the original bios.
    after through reading thru countless forums and sites,
    i learned that serial number A1749 is Micron based.
    So i went ahead and got my self the stock bios and went ahead and flash em.
    I can start up my rig no problem, but everytime i run cryptonight miner (SRBminer) it crashes and the PC hangs.
    I am up to my head trying to figure out what is wrong with my gpu.
    Maybe its a dual bios?
    MAybe its hynix?

    Should i go ahead and flash em with other bios?
    I am going blind reading and asking around sigh….

    if anyone could provide or shed some light here.
    thank you

    1. Hi Parez. Well thats why we keep our original BIOS 🙂 Just kidding. First thing you can do is email Sapphire with your info and ask them. They will have the proper information for you. Other than that, get GPU-Z. It will tell you your memory type, which is a start. In MSI afterburner try adjusting your core/mem to be 1200/1750 or something like that. Adjust voltage to something a bit higher to start and it should not crash. Then tweak from there. Good luck !

  18. Hello,

    Does anybody have the original BIOS for an ASUS Radeon RX 580 8GB Dual-fan OC Edition?

    Thank you!

  19. Hi all, Thank you for putting together this forum and site. I have learned a lot from it.

    I recently got Sapphire RX580 8GB GPU for hobbyist Monero mining. I had been mining on entirely stock settings for several weeks using XMR Stak without issue (very few invalid shares on XMR Stak). Roughly 650 H/s.

    Last week I followed the instructions to flash the bios using Polaris one click. I think I did it correctly – the computer starts correctly. When I ran XMR Stak, I noticed there was a moderate gain in hashrate (~8% gain, reached 700 h/s; it was not the 20%+ I had seen others get on YouTube). The problem is that I started getting _a lot_ of invalid shares on XMR Stak. It was >50% invalid shares.

  20. [cont’d]
    I re-flashed to the original bios. Unfortunately I was still getting a lot of invalid shares (~30% invalid shares). I tried reinstalling XMR Stak. I still get 30% invalid shares.

    The error I get in XMR Stak is: “AMD Invalid Result GPU ID 0” I have tried reinstalling, and also tried reinstalling XMR Stak 2.5.2 just in case there was something wrong with 2.6.0

    note: I have not used the physical bios switch yet (I forgot to switch it before flashing)

    I’m not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Radeon RX 580 Sapphire, Micron memory
    Polaris Bios Editor v1.67
    Loaded AMD Blockchain drivers after re-flashing back to default (I thought it might have been the issue)
    XMR Stak 2.6.0

    1. Hi!
      The BIOS switch will put the GPU on stock settings or low power settings so thats good. Make sure you are mining the right cryptonight variant v7/v8/heavy/lite etc and on the right pool address. Maybe try CastXMR instead of XMR Stak and always use the latest version because of all the algo changes. Good luck !

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