Mining news and software updates SPRING 2018 edition

    Hi to all the great crypto mining recession survivors !  Here are some long awaited updates on mining software and related news that may be important to you.  Now is a perfect time to tweak your mining rigs and have them run 100% to be ready for the next great Bitcoin bull run.

    The current state of affairs is as follows :  Profitability down across the board.  New ASICS are shipping as we speak for various algorithms, destroying GPU profitability.  Time to adapt.

    Monero has forked to an ASIC resistant variation of itself, for the time being at least.  This is cryptonight v7.  Other similar coins, like SumoCoin have forked to different variations, such as cryptonight-heavy.  To mine the new algo I would suggest simply using the latest CastXMR/Xmr-Stak, Claymore’s miner or GatelessGateSharp.

    RavenCoin and other X16r/x16s coin are very popular and are traded on de-centralized exchanges, such as crypto-bridge.  To mine these you need Avermore miner for AMD and EnemyMiner/Nevermore for Nvidia.  Enemy Miner 1.08v also mines other crypto such as Bitcore.

    Those still mining Ethereum can also use Phoenix Miner, a fast, low-fee alternative to Claymore.  For Nvidia GDDR5x memory, you get can get a nice little program that modifies your memory timings by OhGodACompany.  Gets you 50-55mhs for a 1080ti.

    Finally, GatelessGateSharp is really coming along.  Did you know you could put a stock AMD GPU, and change its memory timings without flashing your BIOS ?  Introducing a whole new level of customization, multi-algo and multi-pool support, all for a very low fee and great support.  It is not bug free yet, but I highly suggest you keep an eye on this project, which we have talked about in the past.  Also, some of these miners are closed-source, and thus always install miners on safe machines, not ones where your crypto can be compromised.

Happy mining !