Mining news and software updates SUMMER 2018 edition

May your temps be low and your hashrates high !

Welcome to the Summer edition of Cryptominingtalk’s GPU mining news !  GPU Mining continues to be less profitable due to the “low” bitcoin price and the ever increasing difficulties.  On a positive note, many new coins have gained traction and opportunities for profit still exist.

  •  The ASIC situation continues to get crowded.  Bitmain has a variety on offer, almost all in stock.  They sell the Z9, S9, E3, X3, L3++, A3 and D3.  Innosilicon has a Zcash miner also.  On top of that Baikal also sells the N70 (cryptonight), BK-B, BK-X, and an all new dual miner for blake256r*/lbry.  Halong Mining also sells ASICS as do others.
  • GPU prices are about to drop significantly.  With the drop in profitability, new orders have been almost non-existent.  Expect delays for the new generation, as Nvidia tries to offload a glut of GPUs.
  • Cryptodredge : Fast Lyra2v2 and lyra2z miner.  84mhs/3.8mhs 1080ti.  Coolminer is a bit slower but uses way less electricity.
  • Bminer :  Will have support soon for the new equihash fork 144,5.  Now has Bytom support with 1300hs / 1080ti.
  • Z-Enemy V11v4 : Fast x16r/s miner.
  • Luxcoin PHI2 launches *again* with a new algo.  CCminer by tpruvot.

Keep in mind that mining is still very profitable.  Mining should be done with the least running costs possible.

And FPGA mining is alive and well.  Now it is being sold to consumers in more user friendly packages.  A group buy is here.  Most people are looking at the VCU1525 with 16GB of RAM.  Almost all algos are affected, even Ravencoin, so far.