NVIDIA gpu’s tend to under perform AMD in the current big algorithms (ethereum and zcash).  But they over-perform by a large margin for pretty much every other single algorithm.  The initial cost of the GPU is much higher also.  The reason people buy these gpu’s is for diversification purposes or to specifically mine altcoins that nvidia is better in.

  • Anything pre-900 series is not really worth getting into.  The 750ti is very power efficient, but will probably be obsolete soon once the new generation rolls in.
  • 10xx series.  The 1050ti is very power efficient and can be integrated in smaller rigs.  The 1060 6gb model outperforms the 3gb model, but it is more cost efficient to buy the expensive 1070.  There is not much value in buying a 1080, but they do have more hashrate.

1070: Ethereum runs at 25-35 mhs @ about 100w.  For ZCash see here.  You can expect up to 400 sols with nicehash EQM miner or EWBF, but with optimization this may go up to 450.

1060: Ehereum runs around 25 mhs @ 75w, 1070 – 32mhs, 1080 – 37mhs, 1080ti 52mhs.j

X16r performance with 1080ti is roughly 25-30 on average.


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