Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury Review

    Happy new year everyone !  A new year brings a new GPU to Cryptominingtalk.  Today, we review the wonderful R9 Fury from Sapphire.

    These are on sale pretty often with the new generation coming out in a few months, we picked one up for 340$ + tax and shipping (CAD, here, referral link).  Out of the box, we get 31.5mhs on ETH and 380-400 sol/s on ZCash.  At 55c and fans running at 48%, this GPU is silent and cool.  You can under-volt it way past -100mv for optimal performance, and overclock the core up to 1200mhz.

    We couldn’t let this GPU just mine all day, so it went into the main gaming rig.  Due to high demand from gaming, you can’t under-clock it as much if you want 100% stability.  But so far at -66mv stable and overclocked to 1100mhz, we have a power consumption right at 210w.  You can bring this down to around 150w.

   This GPU features a dual bios button, triple fan cooling, and amazing gaming performance as a plus.  Its simply beautiful.  If ZCash stays relevant, this is a no-brainer, 360 sol/s for 150watts makes the R9 Fury a great choice, that is, until VEGA comes out.

Just released, Claymore’s ZCash GPU miner v9.3

    We have a minor update for the ZCash miner from Claymore.  Here are the details.

Latest version v9.3:

– improved stability and compatibility with various drivers.
– slightly improved mining speed for some cards (1-2%). About 340H/s on stock 390X.
– fixed issue in Linux version with GPU SEGFAULT and high CPU load.
– added support for round robin DNS.
– some bug fixes and minor improvements.

    So far we can see a nice improvement on R9 390s (and 290s) for about 5%, bringing hashrate to a comfortable 330-335 sol/s.  Some users report dropping hashrates for 280x and Rx470/480 series, some report improvements, so just download it and check it out yourself !

Monero Mining Guide

    If you have AMD GPU’s, you will usually be mining Ethereum or Zcash.  But you can also mine Monero !  Indeed XMR is a great choice for mining, as it uses 10 to 15% less power than ETH.  Here is how to get started.

    First off, you will need a miner.  Of course as per usual Claymore offers a good product, but it comes with a 2.5% fee.  It is the Claymore Cryptonote GPU miner.  There is also Wolf’s XMR GPU miner, and Sgminer-GM.  Wolf’s may be fastest for Polaris models.  Try with 2 threads, 4 workload and 504 rawintensity

    Once installed, setup is with a .bat file as usual.  Note :  for XMR, you can mine directly to an exchange, but you must put your “payment ID” after your wallet address, and not all pools allow it.  Plus some pools have really high minimum withdrawals, so you may be better off mining to a web Monero light wallet and then transfer funds from there.

    For pools, there are many, one of the biggest is Dwarfpool, which you can find here.  Instructions to connect are simple and straightforward (2% fee).  There is also and just to name a few.

    XMR is most profitable with the Rx470, as it can hash out almost 800 hashes, almost as much as an Rx480.  Don’t forget you can also CPU mine XMR, see the claymore page for a link to the miner.  You can also CPU mine with this awesome new miner, XMR-Stak.

Boxing Day is upon us !

The are many pretty decent deals on Rx 470s and Rx 480s, but you really should go out and look for them yourselves !  A good place to start is Build a PC sales, and Build a PC sales Canada on reddit !

A notable deal however, is the Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury, (click to go to the product page, referral link) which is at 400$-60$+shipping over at for Canadian shoppers.  Plus if you pay with Masterpass and use the coupon code MPBOX25, you get 25$ off !  We’ll have a review of that GPU soon, so stay tuned !


Claymore’s ZCash Miner v9.2 released !

    The latest version of Claymore’s ZCash (ZEC) miner is out (v9.2) !  Hashrates have improved a bit.  We are talking about up to 5 to 10% increase in hashrate on top of the V9.1 update.

    We can report the following speeds:

  • Rx470: 208 sol/s
  • Rx480: 245 sol/s
  • R9 380: 165 sol/s
  • R9 390:  320sol/s

From Claymore:

Latest version v9.2:

– improved speed for some cards up to 7% (depends on card model). About 330H/s on stock 390X, 235H/s on stock RX480, 300H/x on stock Nano.
– several bug fixes and minor improvements.

    This update reduces speed on the 280x, so stay with the v9.1.  In the future Claymore will auto detect the proper algorithm.  This pushed ZCash back in profitability compared to ETH for GPU crypto miners.

    On another note, Boxing day is almost upon us so stay tuned for great deals !

New PandaMiner GPU kit

***Remember, No pre-orders***

    Pandaminer has come out with a new ASIC-style (not an asic) GPU miner.  You can mine anything you would on windows, runs with claymore’s software too.  Basically, its a mini computer, with 8 Rx480s (probably MXM-mobile), apparently 8gb memory too.  The advantage is the server rack configuration, which enables easy large scale development.

    So far its on pre-sale, so do not buy it.  Its a bit cheaper to build on your own (we recommend you stick to building rigs), plus you can resale your GPU’s, whereas this miner can only be resold for mining.  You can follow the bitcointalk thread here.  It seems nicehash miner does not work on this machine.