Claymore ZCash AMD GPU Miner v5.0 is now released

    The latest version of Claymore’s ZCash miner is out (v5.0).  So far, it is a stable release and hashrates have greatly improved compared to the v4.0 version.  We are talking about up to 60% increase in hashrate.  This is a windows only miner and is very easy to use.  See this thread.  If you have a weak/normal CPU we advise to use -i 0 for the intensity setting, although in v5.0 CPU usage has gone down by a lot.  Power consumption is also up, but that is expected when we squeeze more hashrate out of the GPU’s.  To monitor your rig with EthMan use the -mport -3333 option (monitoring only) to be safe.

    You can now reach incredible speeds of (up to) 120 sol/s on a 280x, and 125 sol/s on a 470/480, 70 sol/s on a 380, and 150 sol/s on a 390.

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470/480 Review

***Claymore V9.0***

Sapphire Nitro 480: 230sol/s @ 130w for 1.77 sols/watt or .57 watt/sols

    ***Updated for Claymore’s V8.0***

    The Sapphire RX 470 / 480 is a solid mining GPU all around.  It features excellent power efficiency, decent overclock and reliability.  One feature is very interesting is the dual bios switch, which permits the user to experiment with bios mods without voiding the warranty.  And of course, if you brick your card you can simply switch it over to the normal bios and flash again.  The fans are easily removable (one screw), so maintenance on the cards is also quite easy.  The chassis is very well made and air flow is decent.  To keep your VRM’s cool you should make sure you run a custom fan profile of 50% minimum.

    They come in 4gb and 8gb variants and have the following specs:

  • Core Clock: 1260mhz (470), 1306/1342 (480 4gb/8gb)
  • Mem Clock: 7000mhz/8000mhz (4gb/8gb)
  • The newer 4gb version of the Nitro+ cards come with Elpida memory.  You cannot edit Elpida memory with the Polaris bios editor, but there are bios mods available.
  • 110w/150w TDP (470/480)
  • Two ball bearing dual fans
  • 8 pin connector

The downsides to owning a Sapphire card is the RMA process, where you have to pay shipping.  In addition the warranty is only 2 years, compared to 3 years for other manufacturers such as MSI.  These can have a hashrate of 27-31 mh/s depending on the model for ethereum and 175-200 sol/s for ZCash.

And now for the final stats, we have a power consumption of 120w for 200 sol/s (480 4g model), so 0.6w/sols or 1.67 Sol/s per watt used.

***Edit: With memory clocks up to 2050 for example, you can expect 28.5/30.5mhs stable***

SILENTARMY ZCash Miner v5 is out, and it is fast

   MRB has released the latest version of SilentArmy ZCash miner (v5), and so far it is the fastest open source miner out there – even faster than Claymore’s ZEC miner (taking into account the fee).  There is another upside – it uses much less cpu power too.

    This is mostly a linux build, but it is available for windows.  You will have to compile it yourself, but some users have posted compiled binaries available for anyone to download.  Be careful again what you download onto your machine.  You can expect 75-80 sol/s for a Rx470/480, 90-100 sol/s for a R9 390, 40-50 sol/s for a R9 380, 75 sol/s for a 280x.  For Nvidia, some users are reporting almost 100 sol/s on a 1070 but results may vary and there is still room for optimization.

    See these threads for more info !  Bitcointalk and ZCash forums.

Welcome to CryptoMiningTalk !

    The mission of this site is simple.  To help miners and share information.  When more people mine, it does cut into your profits because difficulty goes up.  But at the same time, mining is what gets new people interested in the world of crypto.  So we believe, here at CryptoMiningTalk, that getting new people interested in crypto is more important than the current profitability of mining for the long term.

    If you ask yourself this question: is it profitable to mine ? Then the only way to figure that out is to start mining on a very small scale and see for yourself.  There are a multitude of coins that can be mined, even with cpu’s.  There are many strategies to create profit.  Its up to you to figure out what those are !

    So enjoy the site and please leave us comments and feedback.  This is a volunteer project and all donations are very much appreciated.  These help with paying the bills for the site/upgrading servers/new content/reviews.  Thank you in advance for your support !  A good way to support us at no cost to you is to use our referral link when you shop at Amazon !  This also works for our Canadian friends here.  And as a bonus (another referral) you should use Great Canadian Rebates when you order to get another discount on your hardware.

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Claymore ZCash AMD GPU Miner v4.0

    The latest version of Claymore’s ZCash miner is out.  It is a stable release and hashrates have greatly improved compared to other versions.  This is a windows only miner and is very easy to use.  See this thread.  If you have a weak/normal CPU we advise to use -i 0 for the intensity setting.  To monitor your rig with EthMan use the -mport -3333 option (monitoring only).  Stay tuned for more updates soon.  An even faster version is in the works.