New Claymore ZCash miner update

Get it here !  Now at V12.6 with VEGA support.


– added Vega cards support (ASM mode).
– added ASM mode for RX460/560 cards (+20% speed).
– new GPU sorting method for AMD cards. Now GPUs are sorted by physical bus index (it matches AfterBurner list of GPUs). Also the list of temperatures/fans matches the list of GPUs automatically.
Therefore “-di detect” and “-gmap” options are not necessary and not supported anymore.
WARNING: be careful if you use use separate overclock/temperature settings for every card, due to new sorting method GPUs can get different indexes!
– added fan/OC support for 17.7.2 (and higher) drivers.
– improved support for systems with more than 10 GPUs, check readme for “-di” option description for details.
– added pool selection in runtime (“e” key).
– a few minor improvements.

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum GPU Miner V9.8

    Now with VEGA support !  You will have to wait for AMD to release updated drivers for VEGA, and if you do install them, you will need this version as it is fixed for 17.7.2. an up.


– added Vega cards support (ASM mode).
– added fan/OC support for 17.7.2 (and higher) drivers.
– fixed issue with -ttli and -ttdcr option for Nvidia cards.
– improved support for systems with more than 10 GPUs, check readme for “-di” and “-mode” options description for details.
– a few minor bug fixes and improvements.


New X11 miner from Bitmaintech

Short post to say that Bitmaintech has begun pre-sales (shipping september…or later) of a new X11 miner, the D3.  It hashes at 15000mhs for 1200w, and it is a big improvement over current miners which are also more expensive.  A lot of people are jumping on this as it becomes available, but please remember the rules of crypto.  No pre-orders.  Although Bitmain has a proven track record, this is still a pre-order and many things can go wrong.  Keep in mind if you do get refunded for the order, they will pull the same trick on customers as PandaMiner recently did, which is pay back the USD value at the time of purchase.  If bitcoin goes up you are out of luck.  And of course, mid September at earliest.  Which means difficulty will probably be much, much higher by then.  But it may still be worth it, up to you to decide.

Edit:  Seems Innosilicon is also pre-selling the A5 “DashMaster”.  Cheaper and more hash.  So there you have it, your gear’s ROI is uncertain.

Update for Claymore ETH Dual Miner v9.7

    There is a new update for Claymore’s ethereum dual miner, now at v9.7.  Check out the thread here.  Main points are incorporation of recent nvidia speedup for certain cards (mostly 1060) and ASM integration for RX460 GPU’s, which results in much faster mining for SIA/Decred/Pascal.

– Added ASM mode for RX460/560 cards, up to 30% speedup for second coin in dual mode.
– Improved ETH speed for some Nvidia cards.
– Improved speed in dual mode for Nvidia cards.
– reduced initialization time.
– a few minor bug fixes and improvements.
– EthMan: added ability to select several rigs.
– EthMan: several minor bug fixes and improvements.