A guide to lean mining

    Most older crypto enthusiasts dislike any fee based software on moral and economic grounds, but it seems in 2018 that fee based mining is now a whole industry of its own.  Well, for most algorithms there is no need to pay a fee or lose valuable hashing potential when disconnecting and reconnecting to pools.

    For those that mine Ethereum, you really should not be using claymore or any other fee based miner.  Ethminer has been updated and works very well, and has pretty much *the same hashrate* as a fee based miner.  Feel free to compare received shares on your pool.  Get it here !  This applies for Nvidia *AND* AMD GPUs.

    Mineority and Squirrel research labs are also releasing the Acorn, a GPU M.2 accelerator.  It is quite pricey and results have yet to be properly examined by the community.  Same thing goes to the new FPGA’s sold by bittware and Mineority, results have yet to be properly examined by the community.

Happy Mining !

Mining news and software updates SUMMER 2018 edition

May your temps be low and your hashrates high !

Welcome to the Summer edition of Cryptominingtalk’s GPU mining news !  GPU Mining continues to be less profitable due to the “low” bitcoin price and the ever increasing difficulties.  On a positive note, many new coins have gained traction and opportunities for profit still exist.

  •  The ASIC situation continues to get crowded.  Bitmain has a variety on offer, almost all in stock.  They sell the Z9, S9, E3, X3, L3++, A3 and D3.  Innosilicon has a Zcash miner also.  On top of that Baikal also sells the N70 (cryptonight), BK-B, BK-X, and an all new dual miner for blake256r*/lbry.  Halong Mining also sells ASICS as do others.
  • GPU prices are about to drop significantly.  With the drop in profitability, new orders have been almost non-existent.  Expect delays for the new generation, as Nvidia tries to offload a glut of GPUs.
  • Cryptodredge : Fast Lyra2v2 and lyra2z miner.  84mhs/3.8mhs 1080ti.  Coolminer is a bit slower but uses way less electricity.
  • Bminer :  Will have support soon for the new equihash fork 144,5.  Now has Bytom support with 1300hs / 1080ti.
  • Z-Enemy V11v4 : Fast x16r/s miner.
  • Luxcoin PHI2 launches *again* with a new algo.  CCminer by tpruvot.

Keep in mind that mining is still very profitable.  Mining should be done with the least running costs possible.

And FPGA mining is alive and well.  Now it is being sold to consumers in more user friendly packages.  A group buy is here.  Most people are looking at the VCU1525 with 16GB of RAM.  Almost all algos are affected, even Ravencoin, so far.

Claymore ETH Dual Miner v11.4

    New update for ETH miners:  V11.4 from Claymore.  Although some people are switching over to PhoenixMiner V2.7c, you should compare for yourself and check the results on the pool where you are mining.  The latest version includes an auto-detect feature for -dcri options in ETH only mining, which is quite useful if you haven’t optimized your GPUs yet.  RX550 cards also get a small bump in speed with ASM.

Edited for 11.4.  Now with less stale shares !

Update for Mining Software

We have some pretty important mining news.

  • Bminer is now version 5.4.0.  Seems to be the fastest miner but do your own tests vs DSTM vs EWBF depending on your hardware.
  • Claymore has a new Neoscrypt Miner for AMD.  Check it out here !

Dual mining lives again !

Claymore has updated the Dual ETH miner to v11.0.  Now you can mine keccak or blake2s as a second coin.  The fee also has been brought down to 1.5% when dual mining.  Happy Mining !


– added new algorithm for dual mode: blake2s (stratum pools only), use “-dcoin blake2s” option.
– added new algorithm for dual mode: keccak (stratum pools only), use “-dcoin keccak” option.
– reduced devfee for dual mode, now it is 1.5%.
– for 2GB cards devfee is removed completely, i.e. on 2GB cards you can mine all ETH forks without devfee. Check Readme for details.
– added “-tstart” option.
– “-asm 2” option value now supports Tahiti, Tonga, Ellesmere, Baffin; in some cases it can be a bit faster in ETH-only mode.
– removed “-allcoins exp” option value.
– a few minor bug fixes and improvements.

Updates for GPU Mining software

    We have a few updates for mining software for all you GPU miners.

  • Claymore’s ETH dual miner is now at v10.6.  The latest updates were mostly security updates (if so some reason you expose your mining rigs directly to the internet – which you should obviously not do).  Also fixes temperature bugs with the latest AMD drivers.
  • Phoenix Miner v2.5d.  This is a new ETH miner, faster than Claymore but still in DEV and can be unstable depending on your hardware.  Check it out here !
  • MKXminer v3.0.1.  This update for lyra2rev2 permits you to mine at any pool, not just SSL pools.  A few small problems were fixed and a linux version is out/incoming.
  • Gateless Gate Sharp v.1.2.10.  Still in DEV, but very promising multi-algo all in one miner.  Top notch work from Zawawa again.
  • Nemosminer v2.4.1.  An update for the auto-switching NVIDIA software.  Includes the newest ccminers for various algos.
  • CCMINER by Tpruvot is now at v2.2.4.  Get it here !

    Happy mining everyone !


Miner software updates !

    Here are a few miner updates from the past few weeks that can improve your mining uptime and performance.  For Nvidia users, you should always check out NemosMiner and the various ccminer updates here.  For AMD users, we have new updates from Claymore.  We have an update to the ETH Dual miner, now v.10.3.  These updates mostly fix issues with the latest Adrenaline AMD drivers.  The Cryptonote update is now at v.11.2.  And Zawawa has updated his Gateless Gate Sharp to v1.1.16, which is now becoming a very interested free software.