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    If you would like “tutoring” or help regarding building your rigs or crypto mining in general, we are glad to help.  It might be a question by email, a steam/other voice chat or whatever, even in person.  Just email us at admin@cryptominingtalk.com  We do accept tips 🙂

    For more serious inquiries about mining operations and implementation, we do consulting work for a fee.  We will go over the whole project and be with you every step of the way.

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  1. Hi guys ! I’m new in mining !

    I have one question ! If you can help me u.u

    For my very first mining rig i have
    Mono – ram – ethOS – PSU 1000w platinum and 6 PCI riser but now i’m looking for what GPU add to my rig

    Just have 800 USD and here Chile GPU are expensives!

    What GPU do you reccomend

    2 R9 fury , or 3 RX 470 ? I can buy those … But if la profitable i want yo add more GPU later!

    I hope you can help me and THX for your advice and guides of your web

    1. Hi there ! So far you look pretty good. What GPU to get, well that is a very good question and there is no right answer. If you have cheap electricity, then you can buy power hungry GPU like fury, expensive electricity then its best to get the most efficient GPU’s. So Fury is a great card, dual mining is awesome, 31mhs/1600decred +- a few %. They do take 2x 8 pin each though depending on the model. Rx470 are versatile and efficient, they also do great mining, 28mhs and 650-800mhs decred depending on how you push them. Keep in mind you can’t mix them due to driver issues – that is – if you want to mine ZEC with fury you need older drivers to get max speed. So I would suggest getting the Rx470s to do a 6 gpu rig, a 1000w PSU is perfect, just undervolt and check your watt usage. I would also suggest when you upgrade to maybe check the second hand market to build cheap ZEC rigs if brand new GPU’s are too expensive. You are welcome and Happy mining !

  2. Hi guys Im new in this, i want to build a Rig with 2200 $, but the rx470 are around 400$, too expensive. Someone here un Venezuela is selling a s9 antminer for 2200$. What do You recomend?

    1. Hi Jose, Antminer S9 isnt a bad choice IF you have it in a place where you won’t hear it. They are very loud. very annoying and loud. Plus you need a power supply too, the server type ones are quite loud themselves. ouch 400$ for a rx470…wow. Well try finding used GPU’s somewhere, or look for different models, than 470/480/50/580 like 380/390/fury or even 280x/290 to mine ZCash. Calculate what your $ cost per hashrate is and try to get the best deal – since I suppose your electricity is low cost – then power efficiency matters less. So you don’t need the latest GPU’s that come out. Maybe you can order an Antminer S9, or even an L3+ directly from Bitmain (https://shop.bitmain.com/main.htm?lang=en). Or have a user on bitcointalk sell you some GPU’s (please use escrow, I can do it or look for approved escrow list on bitcointalk). Good luck and I hope your country’s political and economic situation resolves itself soon and peacefully. Crypto mining is a great way to have good income, but keep it a secret just to be safe.

  3. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me via email with building my first rig. Very much appreciated!

  4. Hi Guys: I bought the components for a rig with 6 GPU, MSI RX470 4gb OC Armor, the Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5. The assembly and installation, thanks to the tutorials was great !!! The problem is that each plate gives me 11MHS instead of 20 – 22mhs, can you help me in any way?

    1. Hi Gustavo, Since there are so many variables, i’ll try to suggest things. You need gen 1 or 2 in PCIE options in bios, as well as enable 4g decoding and if you have max tolud set it to 3 or 3.5g as well. The GPU itself has to be bios modded to get good speeds, so maybe you need to use a different memory timing strap, like use 1625 instead of 1500, and so on.

      On another side of things, maybe DDU your drivers and install 16.11.5, or another version and see if thats good.

      The best way to go about problems like this is to run the rig with only 1 GPU, and get it to a satisfactory setting. Then add GPU’s one by one and you’ll see when you hit a problem, that will be a big clue to what you must try to fix. Good luck i’m sure you’ll find the problem, sometimes its the dumbest things.

    1. Hi Cristi, Its possible to do so using Claymore dual miner for example. You need to install both driver sets, amd and nvidia. if you can get them to play nicely with each other then you are good. You can try to go in device manager and manually update the driver for each GPU, that should work.

  5. Can I set up a system to self operate while I am at work …, or do I need to be I front of pc in order to mine coins

    1. Hi Greg, Once its set up and running you don’t need to do anything. They run 24/7 by themselves, but sometimes a rig may crash and you will need to reboot it.

  6. Hi,

    I see all these great comments anf hope you can help me out too.
    I am building a rig with 6 Nvidia 1070 video cards on a Asus Prime Z270-A motherboard, with win10.

    The problem is as soon as i try to get more than 3 video cards running, the computer wont start up, not even go to BIOS, but comes back with a message there is a problem with the boot manager from windows.

    I have tried all i know and could find.

    Do you have an idea what could be causing this?



    1. Hi Jeroen, Disable win10/win7 boot mode if there is an option, and disable 4g decoding so you can go into windows/bios. You must update your motherboard bios to the latest version, it will probably have multi-GPU support. After that re-enable 4g decoding it should work. Make sure all your video drivers are uninstalled with DDU also, then install the nvidia drivers. Good luck ! sometimes it takes a lot of tinkering to get things to work unfortunately.

      1. Hi,

        thanks for your swift reply. It turned out to be the 4g setting in the BIOS. This was hard to find..but after turning it to enabled, all cards are detected.
        Much appreciated.

        Kind regards,


  7. Hi all,


    Earlier last month, I bought 6 Sapphire Pulse 8GB GPU’s to build a miner myself. However, they delivered only 3… And the prices on the secondhand market for a 8GB Pulse are ridiculous.

    My question is: Can I use the 4GB cards, which are available second-hand, with the 8GB cards? If so, what will be the impact, performance-wise? (or other issues)

    Any feedback is appreciated

    1. Hi Roadkill, yes you can ! You can mix and match pretty much anything you want – but – you’ll have to tweak settings for each card separately if they are different (with a program like msi afterburner or wattman). There arent any consequences for doing so !

  8. Hello, guys I’m new to mining, more like advanced-new, but still, I have really strange issue, couldn’t find a solution, I have 4 gpus, and parts as follows:
    2xPalit Nvidia 1070
    2xMSI Nvidia 1070 Armor OC
    Moba:Asus Prime h270-SLI Plus
    4gb of ram
    SSD 120GB
    1×700 W+i+moba,2xfans,2xArmOC gpus/
    1x500W+i+the other 2 gpus and the riser cables.
    First of all, is this even close decent choice?
    Anyway, i did connected everything, OS installed, drivers and stuff, mining for 1 month with 2 gpus, then added the other 2 gpus, I had many troubles along the way, fixed them all except this one. When i Run miners, it’s starting the mining, 4 of them running for some time, then for some reason one of the GPU just get Disconnected somehow?!!? from the system, it appears as shutted down in Afterburner, no power. It’s still available in device manager, miner need to be restarted,and runs okay with the 3 gpus for long time.

    1. Hi Mediive, Its hard to pinpoint exactly the problem, but if its always the same GPU that fails, then you know thats the problem. Since its in device manager, the problem is probably not power, motherboard or OS. You may need to reduce memory overclock, core overclock or power limit. Maybe disable ULPS in afterburner. Good luck !

  9. Hello,

    New to mining but have learned quite a bit from videos and reviews. Here is a list of what Im running.
    PSU- HX1200i
    PSU- EVGA 850 G3
    CPU- 7th gen i3 1151
    Motherboard- Asus B250 Mining Expert
    GPU- 8 Sapphire Pulse rx580 8gb
    Ram- 2 4gb Corsair Vengeance 2400mhz
    SSD- HP 120gb

    My question is, I have no damn idea which cables should be used to connect the PSU’s to the GPU’s and motherboard. So many different videos show too many different things. HELP!!!

    1. 🙂 Hi Justin. First off, if you have 2 PSU’s you need an add2psu. Take it one card at a time, and buy good adapters if you need to. Try to keep the power to each GPU from the same PSU. Since the riser draws power from the PSU and not the motherboard, I would say each GPU – only one PSU. The motherboard and other things connected to it power-wise need to go on one PSU only. Good luck !

  10. Hi i have a couple of rigs 8×1060 and 8×1070 both 6gb mem and both rigs have a fault CUDA ERROR 11 cannot write buffer for DAG…. as I’m new to mining at home has anyone got any ideas on how to solve this probelm please …

    1. Hi Martin, you may want to check your virtual memory status, and increase it possibly to 64+GB. Good luck !

      1. Hi yes I’ve checked and it was already sitting at 64Gb ! I’ve done some more research and people are saying it could be a faulty riser ??

    1. We don’t really do many mining jobs anymore as the site is pretty much out of date. But still happy to help.

  11. Hi I haven’t build a mining rig yet and willing to pay a fee for guidance and tutoring. I’ve traded various coins for a couole of years and I’m hoping to find someone to help guide me along the way.

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