ZCash Miners

        ***Update:  Use Nicehash Excavator or EWBF

    ZCash is in constant development from a miner point of view.  Always check for new versions as hashrates are always improving.  Recommended is Claymore or Optiminer.

  • Genoil ZEC miner.  Again please donate bitcoin or hashrate to Genoil.  If someone deserves it, it is him.  Free.  See here.  May not be the most stable miner.
  • SILENTARMY stand alone miner.  Free.  For linux and windows users.  See here.  Discontinued, but user Zawawa is still working on his fork of the project, Gateless Gate.
  • Claymore’s ZEC miner.  2% fee with SSL.  See here.
  • For Nvidia, there is Nicehash Miner (0% fee), with the EQM update.  See Nicehash download page and the bitcointalk thread for the update ! (can only mine at nicehash with EQM miner).
  • There is also EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner for Nvidia cards (Very fast).  You can mine anywhere, 2% fee.  Get it here !
  • And finally we have Optiminer.  Fee is included, so the speed you see is what you get.


  1. Hi,
    you say that for NVIDIA Nicehash with EQM is the best miner. Maybe. But there is no possibility to mine at another pool than Nicehash-pool. For all those people who want to mine with NVIDIA at flypool, suprnova etc. there is EWBF´s Zcash miner. It is just as effective as Nicehashminer but you can mine where you want. Maybe you can add it to your list?
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, yes EWBF is a really good choice. I just updated the page. I forgot to update it, even though I posted in news miner updates 🙁

      Thanks a bunch for the tip, also I checked out your site (not my language lol), very nice !

      edit: https://forum.z.cash/t/nheqminer-open-source-free-cuda-zec-gtx-1070-400-sol-s-miner-by-nicehash/13542 You can mine at any pool, 400sols on a 1070 and no fee !
      Or 450 sols https://forum.z.cash/t/nicehash-eqm-zcash-nvidia-optimized-miner-maxwell-pascal-win-linux-cpu-mining-v1-0-4c-400-sol-s-gtx-1070-stock/8188 but nicehash only, yeah. So EWBF is a good choice.

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