Here you will find weekly sales and deals on crypto mining hardware for your gpu rigs !

Sales and Deals !

    We haven’t done a Sales and Deals page in a little while, so here it is !  Keep in mind you should calculate profitability with high variability in bitcoin price, and altcoin prices.  All these links are referrals, which help the site.  We want to do another contest soon with a juicier prize so if you have suggestions please let us know !  As always, shop around and its smart to use websites like PC Parts Picker to see historical prices.  Here is what we found to be a good deal, or at a decent price.  You can also use a website like ebates (there are others) that give you cash back when you shop pretty much at any store.  Use our link for Ebates here and for canadians, here !

    In any case, please enjoy the best of Bubbles 🙂

Hardware tips for the home miner

 There has been a few price drops on the RX400 series so far, in anticipation of the Rx500 reveal and the VEGA upcoming release.  These are expected to be released in april/may.  Do not expect crazy mining performance gains though – for example the 500 series should get you 10% more performance, due to higher clock settings.  It is hard to understand what AMD’s strategy is with the 500 series, the only card looking forward to would be a dual chip GPU, but we have no information on that.  So price drops means one thing – Better ROI on your rigs.

    Another interesting aspect of mining is the electricity setup.  It is always better (for those that do not have advanced electricity skills) to have a licensed electrician do the heavy lifting in your home, if only for insurance purposes.  You can always do most of the work yourself, and have an electrician finish/check it.  There is a new program on Amazon, home services.  Its pretty awesome – you fill out a form stating what work you want done, for example, “install 220v breakers, circuit surge protector and 20amp plugs” – and you will get estimates for the work.  The best part is that if you aren’t satisfied with the work, you get the amazon protection.  Now I haven’t used this service because I am in Canada and its not available for me, but every time I returned a product on amazon its always been a good experience.  Maybe someone could tell us of their experience with the service.  Just click the banner below to get started, of course this is a referral link and it helps support the website !


GPU deals and sales !

 If you have cheap electricity, the Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury is on sale again !  (for USA).  Now you can get it at 235$ including 20$ mail in rebate.  Also, a lot of RX 470/480 models now come with DOOM included !  Back to the fury, you can get around 450 sol/s on ZCash (stock) and about 30mhs ETH….and you can dual mine and get a whopping 600mhs with Pascal at the same time.  Put your core voltage down -100mv to start off, and you might be better off -150mv if you can.  Also the memory clock can be brought down to 400, and even 300mhz.  Test your card out !  The power savings are worth it.  Get it here (referral link).

GPU sale !

    For USA miners, there is a great deal going on right now at newegg.  The MSI Armor 480 4g is on sale for 154.99$ after MIR.  Sale ends in 18 hours from the time of this post.  You will see the price once you add it to your shopping cart.  See the GPU deal here !

GPU deal of the week !

     For you Canadian miners out there, here is a great deal.  The Sapphire Nitro Fury is on sale again for about 360$ and free shipping.  And you can expect between 400 and 450 sol/s mining ZCash.  So ROI about 6-7 months depending on your electricity costs.  Its a solid GPU all around for mining and gaming.  Even in 4k.  Click on the link below to go see the Sapphire Amazon page (referral link).