Claymore ZCash GPU miner v11.0

    Quick update, v11.  About 4% better speeds for 390s/290s, 10-15% for 280x.  If you don’t have 15.12 drivers (not many do anymore for obvious reasons….Rx cards) then the update may not do much.  A bit disappointing.  Claymore has said he is now working on the Rx cards, so that would mean 16.x drivers, which is good news.

Latest version v11.0:

– improved speed for Hawaii, Fury, Tahiti and Pitcairn cards. About 355H/s on stock 390X, 370H/s on stock Nano, 250H/s on stock 280X.
– added faster assembler implementation kernels for these cards.
– added “-asm” option.

NOTE: assembler implementation has best speed but bad compatibility. If it fails for you, make sure you use 15.12 drivers, or use “-asm 0” option.

Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU miner v10.0 and Optiminer Update

    Quick update for ZCash, v10.0 is out.  Small speed upgrade, but more speed is on the way this week.  You can now select your algorithm with -a.

Latest version v10.0:

– improved speed for most cards, up to 8% (depends on card model). About 340H/s on stock 390X, 255H/s on stock RX480, 320H/x on stock Nano.
– added “-a” option to select best algorithm implementation for your GPU.

    Optiminer v1.3.0 is now faster for linux AMD users.  Remember speeds include the fee, so what you see is what you get.

Expected speed (stock card, linux):

  • Nano: 390 S/s
  • R9 290: 285 S/s
  • RX 480: 260 S/s

Claymore CryptoNote miner and EWBF’S ZCash CUDA update

    For the Nvidia users out there, remember you can use EWBF’s CUDA ZCash miner.  Very decent speeds.

EWBF’s Zcash cuda miner.
Expected speeds 380 – 400 sols/s gtx1070. 260 – 270 gtx1060. Stock settings.
Writen for pascal gpus but works on cards with at least 1Gb memory, and Compute Capability 2 and higher.
Miner contain dev fee 2%.

    For the XMR update, Claymore has updated the CryptoNote miner, with a fee reduction to 2% if using SSL.  The speeds are the same, but he has added all the usual features that were lacking in the XMR miner.  Next update may have a speed increase.

Current version: 9.7:

– reduced devfee, it’s 2% now if you use secure SSL/TLS connection, currently miningpoolhub pool supports encrypted connections, see Readme for samples.
– added “allpools” option, use it if your pool requires Username.Worker instead of wallet address, or if you mine some fork of Monero.
– now all options can be stored in “config.txt” file.
– changed format of “pools.txt”, now you can specify own settings for every failover pool. Since format was changed, failover pools file was renamed to “epools.txt”.
– now “r” key reloads failover pools file, “s” shows current statistics, with digit keys you can disable/enable GPUs.
– improved support for EthMan, now all commands are supported.
– now remote management is working in read-only mode by default.
– added SSL/TLS encryption support for better security, see “-o” option description in Readme file for details.
– improved “-tt” and “-r” options.
– added “-fanmin”, “-fanmax”, “-tstop”, “-powlim”, “-cvddc”, “-mvddc” options.
– added HTTP support for remote port.
– added “-retrydelay” option.
– added “-ftime” option.
– a lot of minor improvements.

Just released, Claymore’s ZCash GPU miner v9.3

    We have a minor update for the ZCash miner from Claymore.  Here are the details.

Latest version v9.3:

– improved stability and compatibility with various drivers.
– slightly improved mining speed for some cards (1-2%). About 340H/s on stock 390X.
– fixed issue in Linux version with GPU SEGFAULT and high CPU load.
– added support for round robin DNS.
– some bug fixes and minor improvements.

    So far we can see a nice improvement on R9 390s (and 290s) for about 5%, bringing hashrate to a comfortable 330-335 sol/s.  Some users report dropping hashrates for 280x and Rx470/480 series, some report improvements, so just download it and check it out yourself !

Claymore’s ZCash Miner v9.2 released !

    The latest version of Claymore’s ZCash (ZEC) miner is out (v9.2) !  Hashrates have improved a bit.  We are talking about up to 5 to 10% increase in hashrate on top of the V9.1 update.

    We can report the following speeds:

  • Rx470: 208 sol/s
  • Rx480: 245 sol/s
  • R9 380: 165 sol/s
  • R9 390:  320sol/s

From Claymore:

Latest version v9.2:

– improved speed for some cards up to 7% (depends on card model). About 330H/s on stock 390X, 235H/s on stock RX480, 300H/x on stock Nano.
– several bug fixes and minor improvements.

    This update reduces speed on the 280x, so stay with the v9.1.  In the future Claymore will auto detect the proper algorithm.  This pushed ZCash back in profitability compared to ETH for GPU crypto miners.

    On another note, Boxing day is almost upon us so stay tuned for great deals !

New ZCash crypto mining software update

    Its time to update your rigs again, we have updates !  First off, a few minutes ago Claymore’s ZEC AMD GPU miner has been updated to v9.0.

***v9.1 now available.  Dev Fee reduced to 2% if using SSL connection and added stability***

    Here are the details:

Latest version v9.0:

– improved speed by 3-20% (depends on card model). About 310H/s on stock 390X, 220H/s on stock RX480, 295H/x on stock Nano.
– added “-i 7” and “-i 8” values, about 1% speedup, but can be unstable in some cases.
– added SSL/TLS encryption support for better security, see “-zpool” option description in Readme file for details.
– added “License.txt” file that contains the License Agreement.
– added “-v” option.
– several bug fixes and minor improvements.
– EthMan: improved saving options.

    So far we can say that for Rx470/480 models you will see an 15 to 20% increase in hashrate.  For a 390, a 5% increase, a 380 a 10-15% increase and a 280x a 4-5% increase.  We’ll take what we can get, but we are hitting the maximum as far as optimization for zec goes.  Fortunately, there are other developments in the works, and it may be possible to hit 300sol/s with a Rx470/480 in the future, so stay updated !

   SilentArmy (by MRB, who won 10k$ in the open source contest for ZEC) is also being updated.  This is great news for the open source community.  V6 should be out in the near future.  User Zawawa is also working on a silentarmy fork that looks promising.  Finally, user NerdRalph said he will probably take a look at ZEC to try to improve mining speeds.  These are all very capable users and this is good news !

    For the Nvidia users, we have a new miner, EWBF’s miner.  Use at your own risk.  Users report good hashrate, but lots of rejected shares and some instability.  Will be updated soon.  We recommend you stick to Nicehash’s EQM miner.