New Claymore ZCash miner update

Get it here !  Now at V12.6 with VEGA support.


– added Vega cards support (ASM mode).
– added ASM mode for RX460/560 cards (+20% speed).
– new GPU sorting method for AMD cards. Now GPUs are sorted by physical bus index (it matches AfterBurner list of GPUs). Also the list of temperatures/fans matches the list of GPUs automatically.
Therefore “-di detect” and “-gmap” options are not necessary and not supported anymore.
WARNING: be careful if you use use separate overclock/temperature settings for every card, due to new sorting method GPUs can get different indexes!
– added fan/OC support for 17.7.2 (and higher) drivers.
– improved support for systems with more than 10 GPUs, check readme for “-di” option description for details.
– added pool selection in runtime (“e” key).
– a few minor improvements.