Claymore ZCash GPU miner v11.0

    Quick update, v11.  About 4% better speeds for 390s/290s, 10-15% for 280x.  If you don’t have 15.12 drivers (not many do anymore for obvious reasons….Rx cards) then the update may not do much.  A bit disappointing.  Claymore has said he is now working on the Rx cards, so that would mean 16.x drivers, which is good news.

Latest version v11.0:

– improved speed for Hawaii, Fury, Tahiti and Pitcairn cards. About 355H/s on stock 390X, 370H/s on stock Nano, 250H/s on stock 280X.
– added faster assembler implementation kernels for these cards.
– added “-asm” option.

NOTE: assembler implementation has best speed but bad compatibility. If it fails for you, make sure you use 15.12 drivers, or use “-asm 0” option.