Claymore’s ZCash GPU miner v11.1

    Another quick update by Claymore for ZEC.  V11.1 improves speeds by a bit and most importantly improves compatibility.

Latest version v11.1:

– improved speed, about 365H/s on stock 390X, 385H/s on stock Nano, 260H/s on stock 280X, 260H/s on stock RX480.
– improved compatibility.
– some bug fixes and minor improvements.

    On Linux, you should try Optiminer 1.3.0 and compare speeds.  What is important in this update is that for Polaris and Fiji cards, it may be important to switch to linux for future speed increases.  And if you have a Fury/Nano, you should have 15.12 AMD drivers or 16.3.2.  I Still get 390sols with a Fury on V.10.0, so if you don’t have linux installed, stick to that.  In any case for Polaris cards, its more profitable to mine ETH.