GPU and Crypto Mining sales !

    Every week or so you will be able to find great deals on crypto mining hardware right here !  This is mostly for the USA and Canada regions.  A great place to find PC hardware sales is on reddit :  Build a PC sales and Build a PC sales Canada.  Full disclaimer:  When possible I include a referral link to the item, this helps support the website.  A large part of profits will go to future giveaways and promotions (they will be announced on the main page).


EVGA 1070 SC : 510$ + 5.99$ shipping.

MSI Armor Rx 470 4g : 211.99$ + shipping, after 15$ rebate. + free Hitman : Season 1 game

ASUS DC2 Rx 470 4g : 216.99$ + shipping, after 20$ rebate. + free Hitman : Season 1 game


ASUS ROG Strix Rx 470 4g : 149.99$ after 20 $ rebate.  Amazon

USB Risers 3.0 Ver 7S : 8.99$ Amazon.  Ver 7S is a direct SATA 15 pin plug.  No more adapters !  Do not overload your SATA line though, check your PSU specifications. (usually 2 max per line)