Optiminer/Zcash v1.6.0 (GPU, Linux, AMD) Update

    Optiminer has released a new update, v1.6.0.  We are still waiting for Claymore’s update, but so far this is clearly the best ZCash miner out there.  Some users report up to 300 sol/s under linux for Rx480 cards.  We can report under windows up to 400 sol/s for an R9 390, and up to 230 sol/s for an R9 380.  As for the Tahiti 280x, we now get speeds of 300 sol/s (+-10% for all cards, depending on your overclock).  A lot of bugs related to the –experimental-kernel tag have been fixed.  We’ll update once Claymore updates his miner, but remember Optiminer’s fee is included in the hash rate you see.  We speculate the recent gains were in part due to the reduced fee, now believed to be 2.5%.  Go see the Optiminer Bitcointalk thread here !