ZCash Claymore Miner v.12.1

    A new update for Claymore ZCash miner is out, now at v12.1

Latest version v12.1:

– slightly improved speed for some cards, about 410H/s on stock 390X, 450H/s on stock Nano, 290H/s on stock 280X, 300H/s on stock RX480.
– slightly improved stability. If it is still unstable for you, reduce “-i” value.
– fixed issue with wrong hashrate when “-li” or “-ttli” options enabled.

    You should see a small increase in hashrate and it seems it solves some stability issues people were having.  There probably won’t be any significant updates to the Equihash miners – although you should watch zawawa’s Gateless Gate miner that we talked about before.  He may soon get the same speeds as claymore, but it is a free to use miner.