ZCash Claymore Miner v.12 and other updates

 Good news everyone, we finally have a Claymore Zec miner update.  We may have more in the future too.  This update, V.12, has a solid speed increase for almost all GPU’s.

Claymore's ZCash AMD GPU Miner.

Latest version v12.0:

- improved speed, about 405H/s on stock 390X, 450H/s on stock Nano, 290H/s on stock 280X, 295H/s on stock RX480.

1. Reduce intensity ("-i" option) if miner is unstable.
2. It seems there is no way to get full speed on latest drivers for Fiji cards, at least in Windows. So don't use latest drivers for Fury, use 15.12 or 16.3.2

    You can find the bitcointalk thread here.  So far a 280x gets 310 sol/s, a 390 gets 400 sol/s, and 470/480 get up to 270-300 depending on your settings.  If you take into account the fees, we are still pretty close to optiminer in terms of hashrate.

    You may also want to mine PascalCoin, which you may have heard of.  I haven’t talked about the coin here yet because of some problems with the mining software and wallets, but its a good alternative.  Read up on it here.

    Another really interesting project is Gateless Gate.  Updated by bitcointalk user Zawawa, he is using SGminer-GM.  So far his updates have made it almost as fast as Claymore or Optiminer for ZCash, and you can mine ETH, XMR and PascalCoin on it.  In fact, since its SGminer, you can mine pretty much anything on it.  This is an open-source project and I highly recommend you read up on it.  If you like it, please send a donation to Zawawa, it will encourage him to continue and he can also buy his wife nice things so he can spend more time coding 🙂  Find the thread here !

   Finally, if you are looking to expand your GPU rig operations we have some good suggestions.  We posted a while back a R9 Fury deal for 364$ on amazon.ca which is still valid here.  For USA people, there is a MSI Armor Rx470 4g for sale on newegg.com.  Its on sale for 150$ after MIR and you get the hitman game, which you can sell.   If you are looking to buy equipment and want advice or a second opinion on prices / gear, then leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help you out.